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The purpose of this study is the technical and taxonomic examinations of 2013 Science Curricula Objectives in terms of Revised Bloom Taxonomy (RBT). Document analysis method was applied as the research design. 330 objectives in 2013 Science Curricula were examined and 481 objectives were evaluated after having been reanalyzed in terms of RBT. The findings of the research demonstrates that the objectives of the programme focused on ‘Understanding’ cognitive process level, and with regard to the knowledge dimension ‘Conceptual Knowledge’ was concentrated on. According to the analysis results, it is illustrated that virtually 69 % of the objectives took place in cognitive process levels (remembering, understanding, applying), and this ratio was nearly 31 % in metacognitive process levels (analyzing, evaluating, creating). In terms of knowledge dimension, it has been established that about 63 % of the objectives were in the dimension of ‘Conceptual Knowledge'. With regard to the findings of the study, it has been emphasized that students were expected to have metacognitive skills according to the vision of the Ministry of National Education (MONE) 2013 programme; however, it has been found out that the objectives were applied to the programme with limited ratio. Nevertheless, it has been determined that the objectives with regard to the knowledge dimension corresponded to the (MONE) 2013 programme vision.

Bloom taxonomy, science curricula, science and technology, cognitive, knowledge, objective

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