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Student Views Towars E-Test Applications in Mesaurement and Evaluation Course
The purpose of the study is to collect the student views on multiple choice e-tests as a part of a study employing blended instruction during an undergraduate class in a university in Turkey. The study took place in the fall semester of 2013-2014 school year. A case study approach, using mixed methods, was followed throughout the study. In this web based course, there were 356 students, registered online to Measurement and Evaluation course in Faculty of Education in Gaziosmanpasa University. The courses were delivered in the classroom in weekly bases and students were also provided course materials, ppt presentations, performance tasks and handouts on every week’s content through the course portal on MOODLE. Besides the materials, students benefited from an item bank, consisting of 1369 multiple choice test items divided into the units. At the end of the semester, the students were asked to complete an online survey on their views on these e-tests, consisting 60 Likert items (Cronbach Alpha= .92) and an open ended question form. Hundred twenty seven prospective teacher candidates filled out the online surveys and their responses were analyzed through Chi-Square tests. According to the findings, except for a few items, student’ views did not change by gender. In general, it was found that students possessed positive views towards the use of e-tests. In addition, the answers to open-ended questions indicated that students complained the most about not having a computer with a decent internet connection. On the other hand, they were satisfied with the use of the course portal and the item bank to a great extent.

Online item bank, frequent testing, MOODLE, web based e-test.

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