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Teacher Training in Turkish Educational System from Past to Present
21st century, in parallel with the developments in science and technology, has brought along many developments in social life; and has required competitive, qualified human force that develops and shares information, and internalizes democratic values. To train qualified person requires a qualified education. A qualified education is undoubtedly possible with qualified teachers. Therefore, in accordance with changing needs, teaching profession, its importance, its qualifications, and its roles are the most fundamental educational topics in each society. Thus, teacher training has become the prior problem area to be solved in our educational system and continues to be like so. In this study which is a descriptive survey, we study the topic of teacher training in Turkey, present the current application problems of teacher training by regarding the process of teacher training which has became a problem of our educational system and suggest solution offers. With this aim, the question “What happened in our applications of training teachers from past to present?” is answered and then the current problems in the application of training teacher is identified both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Training Teachers, Faculties Resources for Teaching, Reconstruction

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