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Analysis of Relationship Between Primary Fifth Grade Srudents’ Math Motivation with Academic Achievement Of Math
In this research fifth grade students’ math motivation, academic achievement of maths and the relationships between them are examined. 200 primary school students from four different schools in Tokat took part in this research. In the stduy; among descriptive research patterns relational scanning model is used. “Math Motivation Scale” developed by Aktan and Tezci (2012) is used the determine students’ motivation in mathematics. In order to determine maths academic achievement first term’s math grades are used. The research data is obtained by making independent groups t-test and correlation analysis in SPSS 20 software. As a result of research; ıt is seen that students have high motivation and success in maths. Mathematics motivation and academic achievement of mathematics does not show a significant difference according to gender. There are positive reasonable relations between mathematics academic achievement with dimensions of motivation such as intrinsic goal tendecy, extarnal goal tendecy, learning belief, value of the issue, self sufficiency. It is determined that there is a significant negative correlation between test anxiety and academic success in maths. It has also been found that female students’ test anxiety is higher than male students’.

Math, Academic Success, Motivation, Test Anxiety

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