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Teacher Candidates’ Opinions Evaluation About Interactive Course Presentation In Geography Education
From past to present, new methods and materials have been developed in order to achieve the intended purposes of the education-training activities, and this still continues. The most promising among these methods and materials developed are computer assisted instruction, computer technology and software. It is observed that the most significant benefits of the computers are that they offer such opportunities as pictures, maps, animations, moving images, real image lesson presentations, etc. peculiar to the lesson that is instructed; provide a more permanent learning when with these properties for embodying the information when compared to other education environments; enable the student to learn at her own learning pace; ensure a detailed follow-up between the teacher and the student; provide high interactivity both between the computer and the student and between the teacher and the student. This research was carried out for the purpose of assessing the views of candidate teachers on the use of interactive lesson presentation in the instruction of geography lessons. The research was conducted on 150 candidate teachers studying at Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Education, Departments of Social Studies Education and Classroom Teaching. Before data collection, a lesson was taught through the interactive lesson presentation on “Plate Motions and Earthquakes” prepared using Adobe Captivate software. Data were obtained by conducting a poll on candidate teachers, and they were assessed by the variables of gender and department. In the analysis of the data obtained from the research, the frequency, percentage and mean values were calculated, and “X2” and “t” test were used according to the state of the variables. As a result of the research, it was revealed that candidate teachers think that computer-assisted interactive lesson presentation is more effective than traditional methods, the lesson becomes more interesting and understandable, and the degree of permanent information is high. Candidate teachers regard themselves and all the instructors in the department moderately capable of preparing interactive lesson presentation. In particular, the candidate teachers expressed that they would like to receive lessons for preparing such a lesson presentation and present the lessons in this way. Furthermore, computer-assisted lesson presentation was deemed more suitable for physical geography among the subjects of geography.

Geography Education, Interactive Lesson Presentation, Candidate Teacher

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