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Comparatıve Analysıs Of Teacher Educatıon System Of Germany And Kyrgyzstan
The study covers comparative examination of teacher education systems of Germany and Kyrgyzstan. Teacher education systems of such countries like Kyrgyzstan, independence history of which is short, and Germany, which has both educational background and distinctive structure of educational system among other countries, were studied. Even if Kyrgyzstan declared its independence in 1991 right after the USSR collapse, together with advantages of independence the country had to keep up with global and increasing economical, social, technological, educational standards, especially when nationalization period started Kyrgyzstan went on new reforms. The study focuses on the level which Kyrgyzstan has achieved today as a result of those reforms. The content comprises comparative analysis of teacher education systems, conditions of teacher retraining courses and social status of teachers of the said two countries, as well. On this account, our study can be advantageous to the extent that several shortcomings were determined and some ways of developing teacher education system of Kyrgyzstan were provided. Due to theoretical character of our study, method of literature data analysis was applied

teacher education, education system, teacher status, teacher retraining courses

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