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The Examination of 8th Grade Schoolbooks and Teacher's Guide Book of Citizenship and Democracy In Terms of Learning Styles
Societies that adopt the culture of living together as a conception may accept the culture of citizenship and democracy as their lifestyle as a result of this conception. Perception of modern citizenship and democracy can, at the same time, also be seen as a byproduct of quality education. Schools today perform a significantly important mission in raising awareness of human rights and democracy. As well as teachers, materials used in covering the lessons are also of great importance in order to raise awareness of quality and sufficient democracy on the basis of citizenship. The quality of the school books, which are the materials students can reach most easily and cheaply, is another important subject to be considered carefully in the education of effective citizenship and democracy. In this study, qualities of textbooks, which mediate achieving effective education of citizenship and democracy, are examined in terms of learning styles. It may not be adequate for our lesson subjects to be covered within a certain programme in our school life for high quality education-training. It is essential that quality teaching strategies be used for quality learning and that suitable teaching environments be provided. And in the lesson process, the necessity for developing suitable teaching strategies appropriate for the learning strategies is a topic that is emphasized in many areas of research. Another subject to be considered about this is learning styles. This learning, based on individual differences in learning, acts on the reality that learning (in visual, auditory and kinesthetic ways) may be different for an individual like a finger print is. This is a qualitative research, and it is conducted using the document review method. Throughout the examination, schoolsbooks of 8th Grades, Education of Citizenship and Democracy is dealt with. According to the research results, it is realized that the textbooks and teacher’s guide books of Education of Citizenship and Democracy , examined and approved by Board of Education and Instruction, are prepared without taking account of learning styles. The fact that “Learning Styles”, which are prepared within the framework of constructive concept, and also recommended in the curriculum, are not taken into account when preparing the textbooks contradict the concept of individual differences underlined in literature. Therefore, designing the learning environmen on the basis of individual differences can be effective for high quality education of citizenship and democracy.

Social Studies, Citizenship and Democracy Education, Citizenship, Democracy, Textbooks, Learning Sty

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