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A metaphor may be defined as expressing a concept or a situation by establishing a similarity and association of it with another concept or situation. Recently, as it is the case in many other fields, the data are being collected with metaphors in many educational studies, and the participants are allowed to express their viewpoints by using metaphors. In this study as well, a similar method has been followed and the primary and secondary school teachers have been asked to express their viewpoints on the teacher guidebooks by using metaphors. The purpose is to determine the feelings and viewpoints of the teachers on the guidebooks that are given to them as roadmaps by using similarities. The teachers working at the primary and secondary schools constitute the universe of the study. In accordance with this, 110 teachers working in different cities and in various branches were selected as the exemplification of the study. These teachers answered to the question “The Teacher Guidebook resembles the … . Because …”.By doing so, the considerations of the teachers have been determined by using similarities. The metaphors determined have been collected in various categories and are given with their justifications. It has been observed in this study that the meaning laid on the guidebooks by the teachers are various. Most of the teachers see the guidebook as a guiding light and a helper. These teachers expressed their feeling on the guidebooks with the metaphors like “compass, lighthouse” and similar metaphors. Some of them think that the guidebooks imprison the teachers in a narrow pattern, and express their feelings in accordance with this thought in mind with “shackles, prison tank” and similar metaphors. Some teachers, on the other hand, think that the guidebooks have beneficial sides; however, also limit the creativity of the teachers. These teachers expressed their feelings with the “walnut, village road” and similar metaphors.

Education and training, teacher, metaphor, helping material, teacher guide book

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