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With the updated primary education curriculum education activities are being planned in accordance with 5E model but these activities are limited to paper folding, cutting and materials sent to primary schools by Ministry of National Education. Although computer technology has continually been developing, primary education course books do not cover activities concerning the use of technology and suggestions such as only dynamic geometry software can be used are made. For that reason, this research has been carried out to compare learning transformation geometry topic of eighth grade students in maths with Geogebra software assisted activities based on 5E model and with the help of paper cutting and material aided activities in course books. For that purpose, an experimental research design with a pretest-posttest control group has been used in the study. 40 students in total studying in eighth grade have participated in the study. While the experimental group, consisting of 20 students, have been lectured with the activities prepared with Geogebra software, the other 20 students of control group have been lectured with the activities from the course book. For the research, an achievement test of 20 questions have been prepared, required corrections have been made by consulting expert opinions and as a result of the reliability test cronbach alpha reliability coefficient has been obtained as 0.82. Transformation Geometry Achievement Test (TGAT), consisting of 20 questions, have been applied as pretest and posttest on both groups. According to posttest results, TGAT means of both groups have been compared a statistically significant difference is noticed in favour of the experimental, the group which has been lectured with the activities prepared by using Geogebra program. As a result, it has been found out that lectures taught by using activities prepared with Geogebra program increase student achievement more in transformation geometry.

Transformation Geometry, Geogebra, Maths Education.

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