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Teacher Opinion Related to Disruptive Behaviours of Gifted Students in Classroom and Managing Them
Abstract This study was conducted quantitative research design. The purpose of this study is to determine teachers’ opinion related to the disruptive behaviours of gifted students in classroom environment and management them. Semi-structured interview form was used as a data collection tool which developed by researcher. The study group consists of 52 primary school teachers and it was determined by using easily accessible case sampling method among the 168 teachers who serve the schools which send students to the Giresun Science and Art Centre in 2011-2012 academic year. 7.7% of teachers adressed that they had been participated frequently; 19.2% of them sometimes; 28.8% of them rarely and 44.3% of them never participated to the course or seminary related to the educating of gifted students. 40.4% of the teachers frequently; 30.8% of them sometimes; 25% of them rarely and 3.8% of them never have problems with gifted students in classroom environment. Disruptive behaviours which gifted students’ exhibit in the classroom environment emerge as disrupting the learning environment and acting disinterested. The methods applied by teachers in managing disruptive behaviours of gifted students in the classroom are in the form; support and sanctions.

Keywords: Gifted, disruptive behaviour, management of disruptive behaviours.

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