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Possible Reflections of Popular Culture on Visual Arts Lessons
Popular culture may be considered as a mass society culture which after the technological advancements due to the industrialization period has affected the masses through the mass communication devices and is mostly liked and preferred by the majority. This culture, with the help of the mass communication devices such as TV and internet, has an important effect on every part of the society regardless of the differences of occupation and social class, an especially a bigger impact on the children who are in their primary education periods. “Because children are more willing to buy and consume the popular culture products in a very fast manner. It is of utmost importance for their lives to follow the most popular music lists for their own areas of interest and their ages, to prefer the most popular brands for their clothes, to read the popular magazines, to buy and use the popular objects, accessories and clothes of the popular heroes in movies” (Öztürk-Bıkmaz, 200: 104-105). Mass culture devices has a huge influence on the production of the popular culture objects and with the help of the spread of the mass communication devices, it may be seen that it has an immense effect on the creativity skills of students, their behavioral patterns, and the formation of their social, cultural and political identities. On this aspect, the visual arts lesson is one of the most appropriate environments for the children belonging to this period that may call for their creativity and bring about a new perception on life. Through this research, the relation between the popular culture and the visual arts lesson has been examined and by determining its effect on the students and their apprehension of popular culture, the study has been completed with the field data and assessments that significantly support the hypothesis.


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