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The Views About Turkish Subject Homeworks By Students Attending 7th And 8th Grade Of Primary School
This study aims at identifying views about homeworks given at Turkish lesson by students attending 7th and 8th grade of primary school. The screening model has been used in the research. While the universe of the study consists of students who attend 7th and 8th grade of all primary school in Yakutiye of Erzurum; the pattern of study consists of 163 students from the same level and different schools who are chosen by a simple random pattern tecnique. The datum of study has come together with “The Survey of Students’ Views About Turkish Lesson Homeworks”. Gathered datum has been analysed by t test and chi square. According to the findings, it has been foun out that there are meaningful differences among student’s views about homeworks according to their grade and academic success levels.

Primary school students, Turkish homework, view.

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