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The aim of this study is to determine the media literacy levels of secondary school students. Besides, with this study we aim to reveal whether, while evaluating mass communication tools the students encounter, media literacy courses the students attend is helpful compared to those who do not attend. In this qualitative study, interview method was used to gather required data. The interviews were conducted with 10 secondary school students of grade 8 attending media literacy courses, and 10 students who do not, by using semi-structured interview forms developed by the researcher. The questions used in semi-structured interview forms were prepared considering the outcomes of Media Literacy program related to units in Media Literacy Lesson Teacher Guide Book such as What is Communication?, Mass Communication, Media, Television, Newspaper and the Internet. The data gathered through the student was analyzed by applying content analysis method. The result of the study shows that, students attending Media Literacy course have higher acquisition level on the outcomes of the target units (What is Communication?, Mass Communication, Media, Television, Newspaper and the Internet) than those who did not attend this course, but no difference has found in terms acquisition of Internet Unit outcomes between two student groups.

Secondary School, Media, Media Literacy, Media Education

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