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In this study, we provide information about what is out of class education, its benefits, and information about the process, in Turkey and in the world, from the past to the present day is given . Furthermore, the applicability of non-classroom education in the philosophical bases on which the Turkish education system is based is emphasized. We think that the positive effect of the environment on the child in this process, which started with the Ionian philosophers and continues with Sobel, has an important role in understanding and solving today's educational and environmental problems. We are beginning to see more and more of the adverse effects of environmental problems in the 20th Century that various technological activities developed to solve these problems and various laws put in place to prevent environmental problems are not enough. It is emphasized by many authors that these problems can only be achieved by changing individual behaviors. The places where we can change behavior in individual sense are the schools. In order to give environment and nature education to schools, new quests have been entered and among them the most outstanding technique is education out of class. The benefits that out-of-school education provides to children have been the subject of educational sciences and support the positive effects of nature on scientific work done. As a result, it is considered that out of class education should be practicable and disseminated at every level within the education system in Turkey.

outdoor education, Historical origins of outdoor education, Turkish education system

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