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Teachers' Views About the Learning Field of “Science, Technology and Society” Teaching in Social Studies
This study which aims at revealing teachers’ opinions about the learning field of “Science, Technology and Society” is qualitative. Aim in this study is to present the teachers’ view regarding to “Science, Technology and Society”. Therefore, it is thought that it can be achieved to portray the fact that how this learning area will be more effective and efficient at schools. For this purpose, detailed-interviews have been done with nine teachers. In general, teachers have expressed that teaching of “Science, Technology and Society” lesson in the programme is inefficient and added that this subject is important, it is necessary to give more time in the programme. Participants pointed that learning field of “Science, Technology and Society” make contribution to the students and expressed the importance of this learning field for social studies. They said that they have benefited from updated and concrete sources such as internet, newspapers in the teaching of this teaching field. Difficulties that they have experienced are listed as not having connection between the different periods of time, not knowing the meaning of the notions and the insufficiency of the given examples. To conclude, it can be said that this teaching field is important for students, it is necessary to give more time to this learning field in the programme, it is necessary to enrich the books and make the contents more attractive and it is necessary to benefit from the current issues, concrete events and information technologies more. By this way, it is thought that increasing powers of creative and critical thinking, students can look at the scientific-technological and social developments more totally and understandably; by following the scientific and technological developments more closely, they have been aware of the affects of these developments for the society.

social studies, science, technology, society, social change

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