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With the introduction of technology in our lives, it became inevitable to implement certain changes in the field of education. Particularly the FATIH project that included the integration of technology and education, equipping schools with intelligent boards and distribution of tablet computers to students has been a breakthrough in education. All these advances made it necessary to create online educational learning objects that could be used both at school and outside the school. With the introduction of learning objects in education, their advantages and disadvantages also became a matter of discussion. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of these objects is directly proportional to whether the teachers would use these platforms. The objective of the present qualitative study was to determine the views and assessments of the teachers on the Educational Information Network (EBA) established in Turkey within the context of the FATIH project. In this context, 14 Social Studies Teachers were included in the study. Teachers were asked open-ended questions on the EBA platform. They were asked whether they utilized EBA, whether the school infrastructure was adequate for EBA, whether it was beneficial to use EBA, in which courses the use of EBA would be more effective, and whether the platform was productive for the students. Based on the study findings, it was determined that the EBA platform was useful and easy to learn, however it was not adequately utilized since the necessary infrastructure has yet to be established.

EBA, Technology in education, learning objects

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