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The aim of this study is to understand in which respect the 13-16 year old girls build up identification with their mothers, and to explain the role of the mothers in self perception by looking at how the stories about self perception, occupation choice, social pressure and value judgement is completed. The scales, which were developed by its first and second writers of the research and tested in terms of reliability by the other researchers, were implemented to 12 students between 13 and 16 years who were chosen with sampling in Tokat city center in 2015-2016 educational term. Data collection scales can be handled in terms of two main ideas as drawing and story interpretation. Drawing practice was done through an instruction. In this instruction, 14 different questions which were about the drawings of the students related to their mothers and themselves were included. In story interpretation part, four stories about the self perception of the students in the role of the mothers, the choice of occupation, social pressure and value judgement and two questions about these stories were asked. Data was collected from all the students participating into the research. In the data analysis, content analysis for drawing and story interpretation and SPSS program for determining the descriptive statistics. In the conclusion of the research, it was observed that some students gave place to organ deficiency and they provided justification in some drawings about their mothers and themselves. It was determined that the specifications where there is identification with the mothers became diversified as physical, moral and cultural. Moreover when the contents of story interpretation practice were analyzed, the existence of the mothers' accepting and refusing roles was reached as a result in all the stories. The results were discussed as a part of literature, the results and suggestions were featured.

Self-perception, identification, mother, drawing, content analysis.

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