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An Investigation of Measurement Invariance of Learning Strategies Model Across Different Groups in PISA Turkey Sample
In this study, a model on learning strategies in “Learning by strategies” part of PISA 2009 Student Survey was examined in respect of the model’s invariance across gender, school types, and Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (12 NUTS) in Turkey sample. The study was carried out by means of 4340 data in PISA 2009 Turkey sample. Since the learning strategies model may being interpreted differently across sub-groups, the invariance of model in relation to gender, school types, and 12 NUTS was examined in this study. The Eastern Black Sea and Northern Anatolia regions were not included in the study since these regions were not within the range of acceptability for model suitability. The variables were examined using differencences test between the more restrictive invariance form and the basic form to determine whether the parameter invariant across groups. It was concluded that while the model only provided configural and metric invariance conditions in the groups of gender and school types, it provided all invariance conditions among regions.

Measurement Invariance, Multi Groups Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Model

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