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As a reflection of developing technology, in 2011-2012 education year, Ministry of National Education put into practice an implementation that can be regarded as a reform: Fatih Project (Act of Searching for Opportunities and Developing Technology). At the beginning, the project which was put into practice as a pilot scheme in 17 provinces and 54 schools has been implemented in thousands of schools as of 2016. For interactive boards and tablet computers sent to schools in the scope of the project, in order to provide and conduct educative e-content which is a component of the project, and to offer accurate and reliable e-content in accordance with every class level, Education Information Network (EBA) was put into service in 2012 by Ministry of National Education Directorate General for Innovation and Education. Ministry of National Education explains the aim of this service as follows: “by using information technologies at school, home, etc, briefly everywhere if needed, to support effective material use and actualize the integration of technology to the education”. Education Information Network will be an alternative source for many lessons studied in primary, secondary and high schools by increasing e-contents and the scope of Fatih Project. The aim of the study is to analyze contents of lessons included in Education Information Network in the scope of social studies and history lessons and to receive opinions of social studies and history teachers about EBA. In the study, qualitative research method was used. In one aspect of the study, data was collected with interview method and in this context, 12 teachers, 6 of whom are social studies teachers and the other 6 of whom are history teachers, were interviewed. In another aspect of the study, lesson contents were alanyzed with the help of document review method. The data acquired from the study in which different qualitative research methods were used was analyzed again with different qualitative data analysis approaches.

Social Studies, History, EBA (Education Information Network), Teacher, eba.gov.tr

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