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Using Context Based Word Teaching Technique to Third Grade Studenst
Word education continues from birth and until the end of life. In the first years of life too many words learned, this rate drops with age . While vocabulary developing randomly in first years of human, In elementary school and later education levels it evolves deliberately. The size of the vocabulary is closely related to the both ability to understand and communicate . The larger vocabulary size the beter in those capabilities. Therefore, vocabulary and vocabulary instruction is very important for success in schools and Professional life. In this experimental study the success of context-based vocabulary teaching technique was investigated . The study was designed as dependent groups with – pretest-application - posttest and T- test was performed using the SPSS program. For the study, the list of words and contextual editing list were developed and applied in the experiment. In the study, 98 primary school students were chosen as study group. According to the survey , context-based teaching technique is more efficient on the basis of success than traditional word teaching method. Some recommendations were made, such as, the program should include word lists by the lesson, level , class , and by degrees; national policy formulation should be created and oragnized in this matter.

teaching vocabulary , vocabulary , Turkish teaching, primary teaching

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