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The Effect of the Empathy Training Program Applied to Mothers on the Levels of Forgiveness and Empathy
In this study, it was aimed to determine the effect of the empathy training program applied to the mothers of the adolescents, on their empathy and forgiveness levels.In line with this general objective, the research was conducted as an test study based on the pretest-posttest model with a control group. As data collection tools; The empathy levels of mothers were used by making the validity reliability study by the empathy scale researcher developed by Jolliffe and Farrington, (2006).For measuring the forgiveness and forgiveness probability levels of mothers, forgiveness and forgiveness probability tests developed by Rye, Loiacono, Folck, Olszewski, Heim ve Madia (2001) were used by making a validity reliability study. Empathy, forgiveness and forgiveness probability scales were applied to 23 mothers in different socioeconomic levels that have children who attend 10th and 11th grade in Ankara and their empathy and forgiveness levels were determined. At the end of the empathy training consisting of 16 sessions developed by the researcher, final tests were applied. At the stage of analyzing and interpreting the data obtained from the research, Correlation Analysis and t-Test were used. At the result of the research, it was determined that there is a meaningful relationship between the empathy and the forgiveness and forgiveness probability levels, and also that the training provided has created a positive effect on the empathy, forgiveness and forgiveness probability levels of the mothers.

Empathy, forgiveness, mother-adolescent relationship, parent training

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