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The aim of this study is to develop a scale, to be used in primary school fourth grade Visual Arts Class. Our study group consists of 174 students, randomly selected from two different primary school in Ankara during 2009-2010 spring semester. An item pool of 3 items has been prepared, based on literature search and expert views. In order to determine the structural validity of the scale, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses have been performed, through SPSS 20 programme and LISREL programme respectively. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) value of the scale has been found as 0,896. Following the statistical analysis, Barlett Sphericity test result (?2=2141,255, df=378, p<.001) has been found to be meaningful. In the exploratory factor analysis of the scale, it has been observed that 31 items have been distributed into a single factor, and these factors explain 62,57% of the variance. Following the statistical analyses, it has been found as ?2=729,09; df= 350, p= 0.00, CFI=0,94, RMSEA= 0.079 for the Attitude Scale. Both RMSEA and CFI indexes have produced parallel results to each other. The results of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses have been accepted as an indication for the structural validity of the scale. A reliability study has been performed for the scale at the final stage. In order to determine the reliability of the scale, Cronbach Alpha coefficient SPSS 20 programme has been used, which is the most appropriate for likert type scales. The internal consistency coefficient for the total of the 28 items, which are found in the Visual Arts Class Attitude Scale has been calculated as (Cronbach Alpha) 0,923.

Key words: Visual arts education, attitude scale, attitude.

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