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Child Terror Victims in Print Media
Terrorism has a wide impact area and has affected our country for a long time while its severity and density changes from time to time. It is accepted in national and international laws that terrorism has some acts such as bombing, armed attacks on civilians, kidnapping, assassination, taking hostage and hijacking (Schmid, 2004). Being exposed to almost all of the terrorist acts in the definition, our country has also witnessed the child massacres. The presentation of the news that shocks and traumatize the majority of the society is important. There are some studies suggesting that the newspapers’ styles of presenting the violence depend on the characteristics of the victim. For example, Anastassio and Costa (2004) revealed that the newspapers’ styles of presenting the violence differed between male and female victims in a study of content analysis. They stated that the news about the male victims were presented by personalizing while the news about female victims were presented by using pronouns. In the same study, it was also found that presenting the news by personalizing increased the empathy (Anastassio and Costa, 2004). A social perception style which normalizes the terror crimes has some risks for the future of the societies. It is also an immoral and unfair attitude towards the victims. This study aims at investigating and discussing the newspapers’ styles of presenting child terror victims in the last one year. The data were obtained from the newspaper archives. The names of the newspapers were preserved. The content of the news was analyzed in terms of the style of presentation and the linguistic manner towards the violence victim. The findings were discussed in the light of the literature.

Terorism, Teror victims, Print media

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