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The purpose of the study is to examine the attitudes of primary school teachers towards undesired student behaviors. The study was carried out in 2014-2015 academic year spring semester. The sample of the study consists of 139 female and 106 male in total 245 primary school teachers working in İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Tokat, Gaziantep, Ağrı, Kırıkkale. As data collection tool, researchers developed a ten-item undesired behavior questionnaire. Each question in the questionnaire includes an example of students' undesired behavior situation and ask teachers to choose an option among six about what they might react in that situation. The data were examined and analyzed descriptively and the results were visualized with graphs. According to findings; when students have problems with each other, at the first sight teachers mostly allow students to solve the problem with themselves, when students do not interested in the lesson, teachers mostly give them homework assignments that they are interested in, when students cheating during the exam, teachers mostly interview with students personally to let them know they have broke their trust, teacher also interview personally with disrespectful students to inform them about their faults, teachers warn students verbally who break the classroom rules, when students are grouped in class teachers try to maintain class integrity by playing games altogether, with students who avoid from taking responsibility, teachers tries to motivate them by putting praiseful targets for them, teachers tell the importance of cleanliness by various examples for students who are not paying attention to clothes, hair, nail cleanliness, for the students who do not participate into the class discussion, teachers ask new questions appropriate for their knowledge level, and teachers tell students who make fun of their friend's physical characteristics that each person have their own characteristics and sometimes they might be different. In order to demonstrate a constructive attitude towards the unwanted student behaviors, teachers should apply consistent sanction for the same behavior. It is recommended that new studies be carried out in order to create consistent sanctions and remove the circumstances that cause undesired behaviors.

classroom management, discipline, students' undesired behaviors, primary school teacher

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