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Views of the prospective teachers at Social Sciences and Turkish Departments about School Experience I: Amasya University Case
The increase in the population had been the only important factor in the history of the human for a long time. Nowadays, besides the increase of the population at some rate, the quality of the population has become important. The societies of today look at the future with confidence with the education quality of their people and they compete with the other nations in the economical, social, political and cultural fields. Today, individuals should be aware of the century they live in and if they want to inherit a good future to the young generations, they should get a qualified education. The most important factor to raise qualified individuals is the qualifications of the teachers who educate them. Education faculties established to raise qualified teachers should be responsible to fulfill this task with the teacher formation, theoritical and practical courses. One of these active courses is the ''school experience'' course given to the prospective teachers during their education lives. The prospective teachers make observations in different schools and they have a chance to teach in these schools with the help of this course. Besides the theoritical field courses given in education faculties, teacher formation courses have great importance to raise qualified teachers for the future. In this study, it is aimed to describe the ideas of the prospective teachers attending to the Social Science and Turkish Language departments in Amasya Education faculty in 2015-2016 academic year about ''school experience'' course and to find solutions about the problems they face during the practices they realize in the schools. The sampling of the research is the students from Turkish Language and Social science departments. The data was obtained in three stages; at the first stage the personal knowled of the students were obtained, at the escond stage their ideas were got and at the last stage the problems they faced during their practices at schools. Frequency, percentage, mathematica mean, standard deviation and ki-square tests were used on the data obtained from the prospective teachers.

Teaching Practise, Faculties of Education , School Experience

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