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The Perception Of Social Studies Preservice Teachers On The Middle East (The Case Of Sinop University)
The purpose of this study is to determine the perception of social sciences preservice teachers on the Middle East. Study, was carried out adherence to qualitative research methods on phenomenological research approach. Standardized open-ended interview was applied as a data collection tool. The interview was conducted to twenty people at Sinop University Education Faculty Social Studies Teaching third grade students during 2012-2013 academic year. Content analysis was applied to analyze data. According to research results, what comes to students’ mind is the internal turmoil when Middle East is mentioned. All of the participants consider Syria as a Middle East country. Eighty-five percent of the participants consider Turkey as a Middle East country. Iraq is considered as the most important country of the Middle East. The order of importance is considered as Iran, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel and Egypt in the Middle East. Qatar, UAE and Jordan have the least importance. According to students' view, Turkey is the first country in terms of importance in the region. Iran, Syria and Iraq follow this order. The most essential reason in order to put in order is political power. What is considered, of the Middle East countries, is to promote relations with Iran. The reason for this idea is because of the shared border and of the possibility of war. The games of foreign countries, internal turmoil and underground treasures are among the most essential problems of the Middle East. The upheavals and colonization are thought to maintain in the Middle East.

Middle East, Social Studies Preservice Teachers, Geography Teaching

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