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Effectiveness of creative writing method in Geography teaching
For last ten years, curriculums appropriate to constructivist approach which is student centered, have begun being applied in teaching Geography. Along with this, various studies are conducted on different techniques and methods to use in Geography lesson and rich literature is created. The ground on which this literature is, supposes that students' willingness increases the success. Therefore, it is expected that stories which is one of the ways expressing the imaginary world of students, make learning process meaningful like in many other sciences, when they are associated with daily events. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of using stories which students gain through creative writing method in learning Geography in classroom activities, on teaching. This study is carried out in an Anatolian High school depending on Bursa Provincial Directorate of Education with 10th grade students in 2012-2013 education year. 50 students participated in the study in total. 25 of those are in experimental group and another 25 of those are in control group. Academic Success test consisted of 5 multiple choices, 25 items and Geography course attitude scale are used. Implementation process of the study is 4 weeks. In result of the study, it is determined that the increase in academic success and attitudes of experimental group students who were taught with creative writing supported classroom acitivities, shows significant difference when compared to the control group.

Story, Teaching Geography, Creative Writing Method, Academic Success

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