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In this study, the differences among the processes of scoring of performance assignments which are done for the mid-term exam of the lesson, Measurement and Assessment, and by students, peers and raters are examined. The sample group of this study consists of 150 students from the division of Elemantary Mathematics, Preschool Education and the department of Turkish language Teaching at Mehmet Akif Ersoy University. During the study, it is asked that the students use the equivalents of the concepts, which have been mentioned in the lesson process, by various creative ways such as poem, caricature, puzzle, music, dance, lyrics, drama, film, and story and present after preparing a performance assignment. It is asked that the students first score by regarding the whole and then by use of rubrics. Afterwards, the raters, who are the instructors at the departments of the students in the sample group, score performance assignments by the way the students have used. The rubric, which have partly been formed with the students, is consisted of the criterion of, ‘‘creativity’’, ‘‘learning’’,”expression”, ‘‘effort-extersion’’ and levels of ‘‘master ’’, ‘‘master-builder’’, ‘‘apprentice ’’, ‘‘inexperienced’’. At the end of this study, the relationships among five different scorers formed from three different scorers are examined. It is reached that peers give lower scores by use of rubric and there is a remarkable difference between scoring the whole and scoring by means of rubric by the peers in respect of the results of applied paired sample t-test. It is seen that female students give higher scores to themselves and their peers in respect of the results of the Independent Samples t test on whether given scores differ remarkably according to gender. The relationships among the scores given by the students, the peers and the raters are examined by the one way analysis of variance and it is determined that there is a significant difference among these scores.

Self-assessment, peer assessment, rater assessment, rubric;

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