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The Effects of Outdoor Education Based Leisure Time Activities on University Students’s Locus of Control
The aim of this research was to determine the effect of outdoor education based leisure time activities on their locus of university student. Outdoor education based leisure time activities, which creates opportunity of learning theirs and other participants limits and creates an option to learn actively but not passive. It represents itself as a learning point other than just a sportive activity. In the research has been used pretest – post test experimental model with control group. 240 students attended to the research (140 men, 100 women) and the group has been divided to 2 by random method. The avarage age of the group is 21,58 +-2,52. Test group attended to practice twice a week in total 90 days. Control group didn’t attend any activity in this time and carried on with their normal life. Roter’s (1966) internal and external locus of control scale has been used for gathering of data. Result of statistical analysis showes that there is no significant differences between preliminary test of control and experimental groups (p>0,05) as a statically. There is no significant difference between preliminary test – final test of control group as a statically (p>0,05). Statical analysis found significant difference between experimentel group’s preliminary test – final test results. (p<0,05) There is no number of statically significant differencies between preliminary test – final test in terms of gender argument.(p>0,05) As a result we can say that outdoor education based leisure time activities causes effects on participants’s locus of control movements from outside towards inside and it can say that this is a positive perception. Gender differences don’t make any effects on educational output and we can mention that preparation is suitable for men and women particapants.

Locus of control, leisure time activity, learning by experience

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