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The Relationship Between Active Learning Method And The Views Of Students On Achievement; Attitude And Applications: A Study Of Meta-Analysis
The objective of the present study is to determine the relationship between the scientific studies (articles and graduate theses) conducted using active learning techniques between 2000 and 2014 in Turkey and views of students on achievement, attitude and applications. Meta-analysis method was used in data analysis. Following results were obtained based on the research questions: Out of one hundred ninety-five studies conducted on academic achievement, 29 were dissertations, 75 were master theses and 91 were articles. It was determined that active learning applications resulted in 95.55% positive effect on academic achievement. In the present study, use of 28 different active learning techniques was identified. Techniques with the 10 highest application frequency were as follows: Drama (f=40), Writing (f:15), Micro Instruction Technique (f=13), Six Hats Technique (f=12), Mind Maps (f=11), Cartoons (f=10), Educational Game (f=10), Station (f=10), Concept Map (f=9), Case Study (f=8). Out of 71 studies that investigated the effects of active learning applications on the attitude towards the class, 13 were dissertations, 35 were master theses and 25 were articles. These studies demonstrated that active learning was 96.68% effective in developing positive attitudes towards the class. Out of 63 studies that researched the views on the courses where active learning was implemented, 8 were dissertations, 28 were master theses and 27 were articles. Findings of these studies demonstrated that 90.06% of the studies stated positive views about active learning applications.

Active learning techniques, achievement, attitude, views.

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