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Perception Of TurkAndOttomanPrimaryAndSecondary Schools HistoryCoursebooksUsed İn BulgariaBetween 1980-1990
Defamation attempts and activities against Turks made by the European Governments throughout the history, and Turk perceptions and hostility against Turks are the starting point of this study. As European Government Bulgaria separated from Ottoman Empire and has an important place between the European governments about defamation attempts against Turks. This study is tried to determine the expressions and assessments related to the Turks in the course books used between 1980 and 1990 in Bulgaria. These books are 5. Grades history book, wirten by S. Georgieva, M. Radeva and S. Doinov, published in 1985 and 9. grade history book, written by T. V. Güzelev, G. İ. Georgiev ve K. D. Kosev, published in 1981. In this study expressions and assessments about Turks in Bulgaria History lesson coursebooks are presented directly. In addition to this, the study includes the interview with the 10 people of Turkish orgin who have educated in Bulgaria. It is understood from the experresions and assessment in the coursebooks and the interviews, systematic hostility against Turks is being done and a partizan, purposive and intentional prejudice is tried to build against Turks.

Perception of TurkandOttoman, TurkishHostility, BulgariaHistoryCoursebooks

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