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Cognitive Domain Benefits of the Visual Arts Teachers of the Faculty of Artistic Teaching Material Design Process for Forming Principles
This study aimed to determine how effects the teaching material design process carried out by preservice art teachers for the teaching of the principles of art organization to primary school students had on the cognitive domain acquisitions of preservice teachers. The study group consisted of 35 preservice art teachers enrolled in the course called "Teaching Techniques and Material Design", studying at the Department of Art Education in the Faculty of Education in Abant İzzet Baysal University, Bolu, Turkey. The study was dealt with as a qualitative research methodology and designed as a case study. Methods of interview, observation, and document analysis were used to compile data. The data collected by interviews, observations and document analysis was transferred to electronic format and analysed with Nvivo 7 Qualitative Data Analysis software. Analysis of data was conducted by content analysis methodology. The findings of the study showed that whereas preservice teachers' knowledge on teaching material design was at familiarity level at the beginning of learning activities provided, they acquired a proficient level of knowledge at the end of the activities, and thus it can be concluded that the education programme followed in the study was effective. This ultimately the movement will dispatch students to think, to create learning environments that require higher-order thinking skills and use of rich learning environment supported by a variety of teaching materials have been made in the proposal submission.

visual arts education and training, teaching material design, educational materials, visual arts tea

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