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The Effect Of The Contextual Analysis Method In Learning The Concepts Found In The Learning Domain Of Global Connections On Student Success And Attitude
The aim of this study was to reveal the effect of the contextual analysis method in learning the concepts found in the learning domain of Social Studies seventh grade global connections on student success and attitude. To achieve this aim, the effect of the contextual analysis method on student success and attitude was tried to determine by analyzing the pretest and posttest scores of the experimental and control groups in Contextual Success Test and The Social Studies Attitude Scale. The sample of the research consisted of the seventh grade students of an elementary school in the city center of Ankara in the second term of 2009/2010 educational years. They were chosen with the random method. The independent variable of the research was the contextual analysis method and the dependent variable was the students’ success in learning the concepts found in the learning domain of global connections. In the light of the findings achieved from the research, it was concluded that the contextual analysis method was an effective method in increasing the students’ success in learning concepts. In addition, it was determined that the attitudes (towards the social studies subjects) of the student group to whom this method was applied positively increased. With regard to these results, some suggestions were given to the program studies related to social studies, the teachers as applicators of the programs and the future researches.

Concept, Concept Teaching, Concept Analysis, Global Connections

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