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The Interrogation of Teachers’ Attitudes Accordingt to Their Subjects
In this research, it was aimed to determine which characteristics ofteachers’ attitudes differentiate according to their subjects. The research in cross-sectional form. Consists of 250 teachers working at schools of Bursa Ministery Education in the second therm, 2011-2012. The data was collected by applying the technique of force to face negotiation. The scale of branch teachers’ attitudes consists of these sub-subjects: ‘’Professional Responsibility and Differentation’’ ‘’Humane ideational Approach’’ and ‘’The attitide towards teachers and students’’ It is a kind of scale which consists of 40 items and five likert types to determire the social and Professional identites of different branch teachers’ and their approachto to the occupation of teaching. The data is evaluated in stastic programs suchas Excel 70 and SPS 13,0 by using t test, Variance Analysis, Statics Techniques. According to the findings obtained in the results of evoulating, it has been understood that there is a connection between the foculty from which graduated and attitudes of teachers’ and the ones working on literature and social studies are more responsible for their professions and more senstive to discrimination then there working on science. When subsubjects are scrutinized, different results can be obtained.

Teachers’ Attitudes, Teacher competence, Professional Competences

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