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In the present study that aimed to determine the views of social studies teachers on values education descriptive survey model was used. The study was conducted in the second semester of 2013 – 2014 academic year. Universe of the study included social studies teachers working in Elazığ province. Sample of the study consisted of 51 social studies teachers working in Elazıg city center. A survey form developed by Merter and Bozkurt (2014) was used as data collection tool in the study. This form has three sections. In the first section of the survey form personal information (gender, frequency of reading social studies instruction program, professional seniority and the school graduated) about participating social studies teachers were collected. In the second section of the survey form, there are 22 questions to determine the views of social studies teachers on values education, while in the third section, an open ended question is posed to teachers to list the ten most significant values in their opinion. SPSS statistical software was used for data analysis. Analysis of the data was conducted using percentages, frequencies and arithmetic mean, in addition to unrelated samples t-test and one way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Analysis results demonstrated that majority of the teachers stressed that school-family cooperation should be established and all units at school should act in cooperation in values education, while they also considered the lack of a course on values education in the universities as a drawback. The most significant values for the teachers were tolerance, respect, honesty, fairness and love, in order of significance.

Value, values education, achievement of values, social studies education.

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