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Elementary Teachers’ Instructional Practices To Promote Students’ Creativity
Each new day new information is added to existing ones and old information loses its effect relatively. As a source of new information, creativity can be considered as renewable, developable and original information designs. Teachers’ instructional practices either support children’s creativity or discourage it. This research investigates the instructional practices supporting students’ creativity in the classroom environment demonstrated by elementary teachers. A one-dimensional survey (educational behavior) was developed and conducted by the researchers and used as a data gathering tool. The survey was developed in the light of the relevant literature on creative teaching examples and on plausible teacher behaviors and finalized with experts and teachers opinions. Teachers’ opinions on creative thinking, creative thinking techniques, problem solving and analytical thinking were gathered using the likert type survey. The Cronbach’s coefficient found 0.87 and considered to be sufficient for this research. Conducted during 2015-16 academic year in public schools of Kütahya city center working with 125 elementary teachers, research results showed that 60% of the teachers claimed that they utilize instructional practices to promote creativity in their lessons. There is not a significant difference observed between teachers who have 0-5 and 16-20 and more seniority with regards to their instructional practices to promote creativity. The reason for this is assumed to be the teachers’ tendency towards realistic and tangible results.

Creativity, elementary teachers, instructional practices

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