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One of the purposes of geography education is to explain the human dimension and its relation to environment. This dimension and relationship can only be understood through critical thinking, problem solving, having experiences, observing and creating practice. Case study is one of the teaching methods which can be used in permanent behavioral changes and in the acquisition of the skills, values and concepts regarding geography education. The starting point of this method is to expose the students to real-life problems about humans and nature. By this way, a student-oriented modern teaching can be achieved in geography lessons. Textbooks are one of the main resources of geography classes. The use case study in the textbooks will raise attention and participation during the classes. Four textbooks of 2015-2016 schools year, all approved by Board of Education and Discipline,were analyzed. In this study, document review is used along with the use of quantitative methodology. Descriptive analysis is used in the analysis of the data. In this context,53 case studies in 9th grade textbooks, 31 case studies in 10th grade textbooks, 51 case studies in 11th grade textbook, and 64 case studies in 12th grade textbook were used. It is observed that case studies are rather textual and they are mainly used in learning areas regarding actual events.

Geography Education, Geography Textbooks, Case Study Method

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