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The Predictor Role of Life Purposes Teachers Have and Social Support on Subjunctive Well-Being
Subjective well-being is a term which describes how positive the individuals intepret their life and experiences, how much pleased with their life and themselves. If teachers, who are continually in relationship with their students, feel themselves good and are pleased with themselves, this situation will positively affect the relationship with their students and the education they give to them. While dealing with the subjective well-being of an individual, it is impossible to think the individual independent from his real life and his social surroundings. Considering this fact, it is thought to be useful to investigate the effect of social support the teachers get from their surroundings and life purposes they have on subjective well-being levels of teachers. The aim of this study is to research in what way the life purposes of teachers and social support predict the subjective well-being levels and to investigate the effect of these concepts on subjective well-being. The participants of the study consist of teachers who work in schools which are connected with Eskişehir National Education Directorate in 2013-2014 academic year. Life Purposes Scale (İlhan, 2009), Social Support Scale (Torun, 1995) and Subjective Well-being Scale (Tuzgöl Dost, 2005) was used while collecting data. The data got from the scales was analyzed by using SPSS 21.00 The relation between life purposes of teachers, social support and subjective well-being was determined by Pearson correlation analysis. To decide the predictive power of life purposes and social support on subjective well- being, multiple linear regression analysis was used.

Subjective Well-Being, Life Purposes, Social Support

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