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Elementary Teachers Of Physıcal Educatıon And Sports Lessons Faced Problems (Tokat City Samply)
This study has been conducted to define the problems according to variables that primary school teachers face when teaching physical education. In order to identify the problems that the first – grade teachers in TOKAT province face when teaching physical education, a 22-item draft scale, six of which is demographical, has been formed. A 5-point likert-scale has been used for the items that form the scale. Survey has been conducted and collected via TOKAT Directorate of National Education and SPSS was used for data analysis. Significance level has been identified as 0,05 for statistical significance. In conclusion, this study revealed that primary school teachers have some occupational problems in physical education classes in terms of practice, physical conditions, training aspects, and considering important. That the facilities and equipment regarding the physical education classes at schools are insufficient and deficient and that primary school teachers have lack of information and training on physical education which causes problems about the performance of the class, are among the problems that have been identified in the study.

Primary-school teaching, primary school, physical education

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