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Study of the Early Learing Skills Evaluction Device Fom the Aspect of Diffesency Connected With Sex
The aim of this research is to find differences in 46–66 month old children’s thinking, language and numeral skills across the gender using Early Learning Skill Test. The first application of this test was performed on randomly-selected Canadian children (N=20088) by Dr. Somwari (1977). This methodology has been adapted to Turkish culture by a number of authors. The study consisted of 114 boys and 86 girls (N=200) aged from 48 to 66 months who are attending government and private preschools. Student's t-tests were performed on the data to find any differences across gender. When the means for the first and second % 27 of the groups compared by t-test, the result were significant for all subtests

Test of Early Learning Skills, Early Childhood Education

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