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Adaptation Of The Parental Self – Efficacy Scale Among Mothers: The Study Of Validity And Reliability
The aim of this study is to investigate on Turkish adaptation of Parental Self-Efficacy Scale Among Mothers (PSESM) which is designed by Coleman and Karraker (2000), its validity and reliability. The research group of this study is 432 mothers which are dwelling in Antakya city. The original and Turkish versions of the scale were administered to English language teaching students and significant positive correlations between Turkish and English version scoresm were found. For form validity of the scale, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and has been made and a form with five factors and 32 items has been found. The factor loading was between .57 and .86 for each item of the PSESM. The correlations between PSESM and Parental Self Efficacy Scale (PSE) have been found .91 for criterion validity. Cronbach's Alpha coefficient for internal consistency has been found .79 and the reliability results of repetition test are .84.

Self-Efficacy, Parental Self-Efficacy, Adaptation, Validity, Reliability

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