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The Effect of Computer Software, Designed for Social Studies Teaching, to Academic Achievement and Attitude
For Social Studies education, it is well known that instructional software programs help students to develop their skills such as problem solving, information accessing, information producing, communication and decision making. However, the same literature shows that there are few studies about the place and importance of using instructional software programs in Social Studies education. Furthermore, there are no enough software programs to teach Social Studies. In this case, the aim of this study is to show the developing process of an instructional software program for Social Studies and examine the effect of using a software program in 7th grade Social Studies course on students’ academic achievement and attitudes toward the course. Experimental methodology was used in this study. In this framework, pre-test post-test randomized control-group design (2x2) was employed. Participants were 48 seventh graders (24 in experimental and 24 in control group) from Dr. Kazım Ahmet Mıhçıoğlu primary school located in the school district of Elmadağ in Ankara. During the research period, the course was taught by using Social Studies instructional software program designed by researcher in the experimental group and it was taught by using teaching methods advised in Social Studies curriculum and textbooks in the control group. Academic achievement test and Social Studies attitude scale were used as data sources. SPSS 15.0 statistical package was used to analyze the data. The data were submitted to, Spearman – Brown correlation coefficient, two-way ANOVA for repeated measures and independent-sample t-test. Results based on the findings showed that using Social Studies software program in Social Studies courses increases students’ academic achievement. Additionally, results revealed that using software program in Social Studies courses affect students’ attitude toward the course in positive manner.

Social Studies Education, Computer Assisted Instruction, Software Development, Educational Software,

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