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Investigation of Secondary School Students’ Competencies Regarding Educational Technology Standards
The aim of my study is to identify 8th grade students competencies about educational technology standards who are studying in public schools in Turkey. In this regard, this study aimed to develop a scale to investigate 8th graders’ competencies regarding the educational technology standards based on ISTE-NETS. After a review of relevant literature, an item pool was prepared. The pool was improved through expert opinions and factor analysis. The items were administered to 1960 Turkish students from 13 different cities. A four-factor structure with a total of 21 items emerged and explained 51 percent of the total variance. Factors were named technical proficiency, creativity, digital citizenship and participation, and innovativeness.The results of the study are thought that it provides some important findings for program developers by firstly National Education Ministry and Higher Education Institute also lecturers of education faculty and then teachers. Furthermore; it is thought that it will be a guide for related person and institutions.

Technology integration; Technology literacy; Educational technology standards; NETS-S; Scale develop

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