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A Qualitative Study On 100 Books Proposal For Educators
Books and reading are the subject of the research by helping to facilitating the life, man’s search for meaning. The reading rate in Turkey is low considering the world’s reading rate. As well as in other segments of society, the teachers’ reading rate is low. This situation is also confirmed by the international PISA literacy research. The purpose of this research within the framework of this issue is to identify the areas of the books that teachers need to read and to determine the books that teachers should read by the scholars experts in the field according to these areas. In this study, designed with a qualitative research approach, “content analyses” have been made and phenomenology design used. The study group of the research consists of 40 teachers and 130 teaching staff. Research result shows that the teachers are in need to read the books containing professional knowledge most. In addition, it has been created a list of 100 books the teachers should read. It can be created a teachers library at schools that contains these books. Thus, we can serve to training literate teachers in the field.

Books, Reading, Educational Books

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