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The Evaluation of Performance Homeworks Assigned in Social Studies Courses by Respondents
The purpose of this study was to determine the views of students, teachers, and parents towards performance homeworks assigned in social studies courses. Based on the development level data of Turkish Statistical Institution, the participants of the study consisted of 6 and 7th grade students studying in secondary schools located in the central districts of Ankara and chosen through convenience sampling method under purposeful sampling method in 2013-2014 education year spring term, social studies teachers employed in chosen schools, and their parents. This study designed as a case study under qualitative research method used a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers. Data of the study was analyzed through content analysis. Results revealed that all the participants agreed that performance homeworks could not be completed without the help of internet, parents and stationery. Another result of the study was that parents and students were not guided well about performance projects and that performance homeworks assigned to students were above their level, and that performance homeworks did not contribute to students' value judgment and skills.

Social studies, performance projects, student, teacher, parents

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